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The Wolfe City Rail Trail is a beautiful trail that runs through Wolfe City, Texas.

It is part of the "Chaparral Rails to Trails Inc".

This beautiful trail is also part of the regional NorthEast Texas Trail system, which spans more than 130 miles and 19 communities.

The 130 mile trail traverses from Farmersville (through 19 rural towns and 7 counties) to New Boston (West Texarkana). And we are so lucky that Wolfe City is one of the 19 towns this trail runs though.

It is the longest Hike/Bike Trail in Texas and the 5th longest in the U.S.A. Attracting avid trail users from around the nation!

For our city, we are now proposing to construct something

even greater than the existing trail as it sits!

This will not only promote economic growth from avid users of the North East Texas Trail, but most importantly this will be a safe, non motorized trail for every resident, at every age...



Chaparral Trail Wolfe City

What is the Wolfe City Rail Trail?

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