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Wolfe City Trail


Section 1 of the Wolfe City Trail is already beautiful thanks to some very hard working trail volunteers.


It is a rock covered, scenic, tree lined trail. It also has a beautiful 30ft rail bridge that makes you feel like you are in another world!

If you love to hike and want to get away from the city, this is the trail location for you!

  Proposals for this part of the trail:


  -Clean up the brush and fill in a few minor sunken areas along the path.

  -Make any repairs to the rail bridge as needed.

  -Cover the trestles on the bridge to make it easier to pass over on a bike or horse.

  -Proposed educational nature signs will adorn this path.

  -Continue to clean up trash and remove the illegal dumping that is left in on the trail.



Section 2 of the proposed Wolfe City Trail is the section of trail that our community may benefit and utilize the most! This part of the trail will pass right through the heart of our town.

  Proposals for this part of the trail:


  -Clean up the trail path.

  -Pave/Asphalt the trail so it is more accessible for people of all ages. This part of the Wolfe City Trail will be perfect for strollers, walking, jogging, rollerblading and bicycling.

  - Plant shade trees (already donated)  along the way for a nice shaded walk.

  - Donated benches will be scattered throughout for convenient resting areas.

  - Educational nature signs and art work by our local students will adorn the path.

  - Beautiful bird feeders will be mounted along the trail. These houses will be built by our local youth.


In our community, our rail trail already has the perfect place for the Wolfe City Trail Head.

This location on Main Street (by the Post Office) is where our community can park and walk the trail.

This will also be a resting spot for the avid NorthEast Texas Trail riders who come to our city via our imporoved trail path.

  Proposals for this section of the trail:


   -Build a structure (already donated) that bikers can stop and rest briefly along their long trek. These avid trail users will then walk our down town and bring a nice economic boost to our local restaurants and stores.  (On average, each trail user could spend $6 - $13 per visit.)

  - Clean the trail and organize a nice parking area for our local community to access the trail.

  - Paint the large rail road silo with a "Texas, Railroad, Biking, Wolfe City themed" mural our town will be proud of.

  - Small bike repair station (another reason for the devoted bikers to stop in our town.)

  - Proposed water fountain for the bikers/hikers to refill their water bottles.


Another exciting proposal along the Wolfe City Trail, is to have beautiful, primitive camping spot located behind the our Wolfe City Water Reservoir. (Pending city approval.)

With the NorthEast Texas Trail being 130 miles long, the avid bikers will need places to rest and refuel along the way.

  Proposals for this part of the trail:


  - Clean up a small portion on the back of the city lake, just off the existing trail.

  - Reserve a small camping area that will be used on a reservation basis only.

  -This proposed trail amenity will be up-kept by trail volunteers and patrolled by the game warden.

  - Having this attraction will not only improve our city lake, but will bring many fanatical trail users to our Wolfe City Trail, boosting our local economy.

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