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  • Who can use the Wolfe City Rail Trail?
    This trail will be for everyone and every age of our community. We are working toward a beautiful paved trail that runs through the heart of Wolfe City. This trail will provide a safe usable outdoor space for walking/jogging, biking, rollerblading, strollers, etc....
  • How will the Wolfe City Rail Trail be funded?
    This trail is funded by fundraising from passionate volunteers, donations and state grants. The Wolfe City Rail Trail will also be upkept by local volunteers.
  • Shouldn't our tax dollars be used for more important, pressing city issues?"
    This trail is funded by fundraising, donations and state grants. This trail is upkept by passionate volunteers of our local community. No tax dollars that can be spent on the other pressing city issues will be used toward this trail.
  • Can I use the trail now?
    Yes! The beauitful trail is usable as it sits. However there are many improvements along the trail that are needed in certain locations.
  • Are there trash recepticals placed along the trail?
    Yes! Our local elementary schools has provide beautiful trash cans throughout the trail. (More student artwork coming soon!)
  • Who owns the trail?
    The infrastructure for the NorthEast Texas Trail was made possible by the creation of the 1983 Federal Law called the National Trail Acts and the Rail Banking process. Rail banking is when a railroad company voluntarily sells, donates, or leases unprofitable or unwanted rail lines and tracks to a qualified public or private entity (the Rail bank entity). Via this Law, land for construction of the NETT project is provided at no cost.
  • How can I get involved in this project?
    We need you! Please donate here: Follow our Facebook page here for more volunteering oppurtunities: Or use the contact form at the bottom of the page to get in touch with the project leader.
  • How will this project benefit our city?
    The Wolfe City Rail Trail will provide numerous benefits to our businesses and citizens for generations to come. This trail is something our town will be proud of! Not only will the Wolfe City Rail Trail provide vast outdoor usable space for active living, but it will also attract avid tourist of the NorthEast Texas Trail to our city. Each trail user could average $6-24 per visit to our local economy. Not only will this trail bring a boost to our local businesses, but it will provide a place for fundraising and events for our citizens.
  • Who can I contact about this trail?
    Please use the form at the bottom of the page to contact our town's trail leader. Your feedback is important to us.
  • How long will this trail take to complete?
    We are so excited about all the improvements to come for our town's trail. The main trail projects for our town will be completed in less than 2 years.
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