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Pumpkin Field

Wolfe City Rail Trail 2021 Pumpkin Chunkin Rules

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General Rules

Age: Open to all ages, must have one person over 18 Projectile: pumpkins 8-10 pounds maximum.

 All teams are comprised of 3-10 members. 

Teams must bring their own siege device and PPE.


Officials will supply (5) 8-10lb pumkins for each entry. 

All projectiles used for competition will be weighed and inspected.

Pumpkin must be whole. No alterations can be made to the pumpkins including, but not limited to, hollowing out the core, air ducts, wings, fins, or lubrications.

Pumpkins can be painted.

All teams must have at least one member over the age of 18.

No-one is allowed in front of or behind weaponry while they are launching. 

Advisors/Team Captains are responsible for ensuring safety.


All team members on the field must have a waiver on file. If under 18, waiver must be signed by appropriate legal guardian.

No drugs, alcohol, smoking or vaping permitted. 

Two spotters per team permitted down field to assist judges in determining landing spot of each shot.

All siege weaponry must have a footprint no bigger than 12 foot by 16 foot on the ground.

Mobile applications are recommended.


Each team will be allowed 15 minutes to set up prior to firing, teams will need to be moved off of the firing line and back to the pits within 5 minutes of final shot. 

No digging a pit into the ground is permitted. Ground stakes, ropes, and straps are allowed and encouraged for safety reasons. 

No combustible or pressurized gasses or fluids are allowed for propulsion.

Safety Inspector must approve weaponry and give the all-clear prior to launch. 

Pumpkins must stay intact during flight to qualify as a shot.

No part of the weapon can cross the firing line. 

Scoring will be determined my length of launch.

Pumpkins crossing the foul line will not be counted.

Competitors and spectators shall indemnify and hold harmless Wolfe City Parks & Rec and its organizers and volunteers and agents and the owners/operators of the event host property from and against all claims, demands, cause of action or liability resulting from injuries to any person or persons including death, or damage to any property arising out of negligent act or omission by the competitors or spectators with the activities described herein. 

All members of the teams must sign waivers and/release forms in order to participate. Team members under the age of 18 must have form signed by appropriate legal guardian. No one will be allowed in the field unless they have signed a waiver.

The Wolfe City Area Parks & Rec Pumpkin Chunkin Safety Guidelines Safety must always be observed, not only by event staff but by the teams themselves and spectators. Teams are responsible for the safety of their own team members as well as the 20 foot perimeter around the launching spot. 

Fun is encouraged, but safety for all must be maintained.

Communication with the judges and staff is critical if you need to shift position or make alterations to your weaponry.

Hard hats and eye protection must be worn by all team members involved in the launch or target spotting. 

All weaponry must have a safety device made of chain, cable, or bolts to prevent accidental launching. 

You are responsible for making sure everyone stays clear of your weapon in case of misfire.

Personnel handling ropes or cable should wear gloves to prevent burns. 

Any weapon found to have structural defects (load beams, firing pins, any load bearing members, supports or support systems or subsystems) will not be allowed to chuck until repaired and re-inspected by a member of the safety committee. 

Weights, stakes, and braces are all allowed and encouraged to immobilize weapons for safety. 

Weapons must be launched mechanically by rope or other type of trigger. The trigger is the actual firing release. This must be released from a distance no less than 10 feet from the chucker. 

All launches should maintain a 30 degree field extending from directly behind and directly in front of the weapon. 

No lag bolts are allowed in load bearing applications. Lag bolts are considered low and load bearing stress can fatigue the lag.


Approved attachments are carriage, shoulder or hex bolts with washers and backing plates. 

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