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North East Texas Trail Quilt

This stunning North East Texas Trail themed quilt was truly a labor of love by Wolfe City resident, Betty Day.

She knew she was unable to help with the physical clean up of the trail in our town, but loved the project so much that she wanted to help raise money for the trail.

Mrs. Day came up with the perfect solution and decided to hand stitch a beautiful quilt to be raffled off to raise funds.

She designed, and lovingly hand sewed this gorgeous quilt for several months during the summer.  She then decided to show it off at our Wolfe City chili cook off this month!

This quilt features a perfect Texas theme. Plus Mrs. Day added many things you may venture upon while out on the trail.


Our favorite part is that Mrs. Day even hand stitched each town the North East Texas Trail runs through!

Raffle tickets are being sold for $1 each or 6 for $5. The money raised will be used to improve and clean up the Wolfe City Rail Trail.

Drawing will be Jan 1st. Please purchase tickets using the link below.


Every $5 donation will give you 6 tickets!

Quilt (2 of 45).jpg
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